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Although a delicate subject, establishing paternity is the best way to eliminate any doubts about your parental rights. Doing so can greatly benefit the child, leading to medical support and having both parents in the child's life. Peter M. Neil, Esq. practices paternity law in Decatur and Huntsville, AL and our paternity attorney can help you support your parental claim.

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Why Should You Establish Paternity?

Paternity can play a key part in many cases. Here are a few reasons you may need to establish paternity:

  1. You're a father filing for full custody of a child.

  2. You're disputing a child support claim.

  3. You're not married, but you need to establish parental rights.

Contact Peter M. Neil, Esq. to consult a paternity attorney in Decatur, AL and Huntsville, AL. We're experienced in paternity law and can help you resolve any paternity issue.